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Crowns and Bridges Treatment in Dubai

You can check through our list of the most highly rated dentists in Dubai if you're searching for the best crowns and bridges treatment in United Arab Emirates or Dubai who speaks your language. To keep your oral health in good condition while residing in the United Arab Emirates, we think it's critical to select the top dentist in Dubai for the dental work you need done. Due to the international diversity of Dubai's dental community, there is fierce competition to be the top dentist in the city. We have the top dentists in Dubai listed above for crowns and bridges treatment in Dubai. Additionally, you may locate Dubai's most reputable orthodontist here.


Is a Dental Crown Necessary?

A full-coverage dental crown is a kind of protective dentistry that extends above your gum lines to totally cover the exposed tooth. Because of the way the crowns resemble hats or helmets that slide over them, some people refer to them as "caps." 
When a tooth cannot structurally support regular, everyday usage, crowns are advised.


Why would you need a dental crown?

To help, you could require a crown to cover a tooth.

  • Boost the eating and chewing capabilities.
  • Restore severely discoloured teeth to their original appearance.
  • Restore a severely damaged or fractured tooth
  • Fortify a tooth with a substantial filling
  • Prevent a weak tooth from breaking or repair a fractured tooth
  • firmly anchor a dental bridge Cover a dental implant


Digital Scanner on-site

Modern digital scanning technology allows us to take a virtual model of your teeth without the need for sticky, gummy imprints. The accuracy of restorations and patient comfort are enhanced by these virtual images. Furthermore, for same-day restorations, we may instantly transform the digital impression into our on-site milling machinery.


Dental Crown Types

Most of TOWNIN's verified dental clinic's dental crowns are composed entirely of ceramic, devoid of any metal. These look better and are more organic. 

Using specialised shade guides, we create a ceramic dental crown that precisely matches the colour and tone of your original tooth enamel. In this manner, the permanent crown will have a natural, appealing grin by blending in with the surrounding teeth. Usually, ceramic dental crown provided by TOWNIN's verified dental clinics in Dubai is covered by a five-year warranty.


Same-day 3D CAD/CAM Dental Crowns in Dubai


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In addition to custom ceramic dental crowns, TOWNIN's verified dental clinics offers same-day crowns made in a single visit using state-of-the-art technology in our in-house dental lab. The kind of dental crown you select will rely on your desired overall aesthetic design, your timeframe, and if you're travelling locally or abroad.


Dental bridge made of ceramic (for missing tooth)

In order to close the "teeth gap" left by a missing tooth, dental bridges are utilised. A fixed dental bridge resembles three or four crowns arranged in a row, however it can only cover a tooth or dental implant with the crowns on each end. The gap left by your teeth is filled up by the pontic crowns that are suspended between them.  

A bridge is used to replace one or more missing teeth. For support, they need a natural, healthy tooth on either end. However, two dental implants can support a ceramic bridge in cases where three to four teeth are lost. 


Cosmetic Onlays and Inlays

Inlays and onlays, sometimes known as partial crowns, are placed over an existing tooth to restore its structure and stop additional decay and damage. They are designed to match the colour of your teeth and are constructed from incredibly durable crown material.

Aside from replacing outdated metal fillings, dental inlays are utilised to treat decayed or broken teeth within their recessed top surfaces. Debris that extends to one or more cusps can be treated using dental onlays. The placement of onlays is similar to that of inlays.

Make an appointment for a free, no-obligation consultation with one of our TOWNIN's verified dental clinic to go over your options and learn how we may assist you.


Availability of Crowns and Bridges Treatment in Dubai

Crowns and bridges treatment is widely available across Dubai, with numerous dental clinics offering comprehensive services. Patients can easily find reputable providers who prioritize quality and patient comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions about Crowns and Bridges Treatment in Dubai


Q1. Are crowns and bridges permanent solutions? A1. While they are durable, crowns and bridges may need replacement over time due to wear or damage. Proper oral hygiene and regular dental check-ups can prolong their lifespan.


Q2. Is the treatment painful? A2. Local anesthesia is typically administered during the procedure, ensuring minimal discomfort. Any post-treatment discomfort can usually be managed with over-the-counter pain relievers.


Q3. How long does the treatment process take? A3. The duration varies depending on the complexity of the case. Generally, it may take a few weeks from initial evaluation to final placement of the crowns or bridges.


Q4. Are there any restrictions after the treatment? A4. It's advisable to avoid chewing hard or sticky foods immediately after the procedure to prevent damage to the crowns or bridges. Your dentist will provide specific instructions based on your individual case.


Q5. Will crowns and bridges look natural? A5. Yes, modern dental materials and techniques ensure that crowns and bridges blend seamlessly with natural teeth, providing a lifelike appearance